Jaewon Choi

Interests & Hobbies


Philately: or the study of stamps allows one to examine events and people across history through little pieces of paper. I currently own a philately collection of over 1500 stamps from 234 countries (including dissolved countries). The postage collections feature mainly a portfolio of Korean stamps, starting from the end of the Chosen Dynasty of late 1800s to the modern Korean stamps of 2023. My global postage collection is rapidly increasing, with new acquisitions in the Indo-European regions, especially during the Victorian period.


Korean stamps dated early 1900s during the Korean Empire years before Japanese colonization. Observe how the currency value of the postage stamp is marked as "Poons", not modern "Wons" since it was before the currency denomination changes.

Yoga / Meditation

Yoga & Meditation is also an important part of my life through the mindset yoga creates: fully focusing on my emotions and my body during it. It allows one to be challenged but not overwhelmed by its poses: focusing on harmony between the forces of nature and our human body. While I practice yoga three times a week at my school as a sport, I also love to practice yoga and meditation every day, when I wake up and when I prepare to go to sleep.

Elevator Enthusiast

While it is considered a rare hobby, I am also interested in studying and learning different types of elevator: from old Eastern-European paternoster lifts to the modern KONE Destination Dispatch elevators in Finland. The ways different elevators operate, and its design reflects the mindset of the people who purchased them, and the designers.


Old destination dispatch elevator system at JW Marriott Washington Hotel. Observe the metal finishes of the dispatch panel and the manual keypads instead of modern touch screens when compared to the new destination dispatch systems.

Musical Interests

I am also interested in pursuing music, especially in Choir and Cello. I have practiced cello as a hobby from a young age, and that interest led me to choir, which I heavily practiced during school, participating in concerts and our school's choir curriculum.


Vexillology also acts as one of my most favoured upon hobbies, examining flags throughout history and attempting to find its underlying meanings. Just like how flags of the past had its own meanings, representing cultures, histories, people, and many other factors that define a population, culture, or a location, it is truly an important part of human history. Through my collections of flags across the world from the ancient world to modern pieces of flags, I aim to study its underlying meaning and connect it to my interest in social sciences.


The 2000-2006 old Jeju City Flag is one of my favourite pieces of flags in my interest in vexillology. The combination of the different colours forming the shape of Mount Hall and the circle around it makes the identity of the region very clear, while the simple choices of colour and shapes makes it very minimalistic and recognizable when it is hanged.