Jaewon Choi


Effective Alturism

The central part of my operations in social impact focus on the philosophy of effective altruism, a movement to utilize date & evidence-based examination of issues in society to find the most critical issues and prioritize issues based on the level & depth of the impact the issue may cause to humanity. Through this philosophy, I believe that education & discrimination is one of the most critical issues, which led to my ventures.

“Effective altruism is about asking "How can I make the biggest difference I can?" and using evidence and careful reasoning to try to find an answer..."
-  William MacAskill

Inclusion & Equity

Inclusion and equity is also a crucial value for me, especially in creating a global movement to create change across the world. People are different, with different ideas, mindsets, backgrounds, and life stories. Yet, sometimes people across the world are treated differently by things that they are born with. This is a critical issue for me, and my organizations focus on nondiscriminatory, equal opportunities for all of our projects.

In addition, all of our organizations support Equal Employment Opportunity / Affirmative Action in employment in accordance with available legal limits.


Christian Bradley Odhiambo, a Liberian high school student recruited by the DMUN Foundation's Global Equality Employment Programme, which focused complete elimination of consideration of educational, social, financial, & geographical considerations in employment process, allowing more people to have a fair chance to work at DMUN.

Small Contributions

Just like how Rome wasn't built in a day, the same thing applies to change. I believe that waiting for change to happen is foolish, when one can start creating change. It does not matter if you have no funds, your change might be small, or feels like it is not worth it: what matters is that small contributions by individual people eventually lead to changes in the greatest of issues, and one should just jump in and start making every day better then yesterday.


Katija Neuber, the namesake of the Katija Neuber fund. The main source of inspiration for the Katija Neuber Fund, a fund designed to help education accessibility for people across the world, especially for people suffering from neurological conditions.


I also understand the importance of finding opportunities to inspire people, fuel their dreams & passions, learn & connect with people across the world, and create a community of their own. Therefore, I focus on providing people across the world with accessible opportunities for people to develop their own community of change-makers, to create impact in their respective fields of interests.