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youth entrepreneur, philanthropist, and political activist

Who I Am and What I Do

My name is Jaewon Choi.

My career has been focused on founding & leading youth-led non-profit entities on a variety of issues, such as education, youth political activism, and cerebral palsy research.

Founded Organisations

Throughout my career inside the non-profit industry, I have always focused on not only learning and growing from the best, but also trying to create my own paths. Today, I have founded three flourishing organisations, all with a unique purpose in mind for the betterment of the society, for all.

DMUN Foundation

Founded: 2021

Current Employees: 72

Impact Areas: International Relations Education & Political Activism

Katija Neuber Fund

Founded: 2022

Current Employees: 21

Impact Areas: Neurodiversity & Education


Founded: 2023

Current Employees: 11

Impact Areas: Non-Profit Entrepreneurship

Data Updated in 1 Jan 2024

Measured by the Joint Operations Taskforce, DMUN Foundation


My work in the non-profit sector has always been based on the principles of impact. In a world where the public perception around youth non-profits has been degraded due to many abusing the non-profit world for personal gain, such as college admissions, we believe that the best way to show our honest track record on serving the public is the impact me and my colleagues have created.

3 Non-Profits

5 Main Impact Areas

45,000+ USD Raised

104 Total Employees

15,000+ People & Entities Impacted

100% Youth-Led

Combined data for the DMUN Foundation, Katija Hyoungjoo Neuber Fund, and YouthCubed Consulting

Data Updated in 31 Dec 2023

Measuring Period: 2021 Nov - 2023 Dec

Measured by the Joint Operations Taskforce, DMUN Foundation

Engagement With the United Nations

I have engaged with the United Nations on behalf of the civil society and the youth constituency in events organised by the UN, such as COP28, RFSD 2024.

My organisations are also

affiliated with UN organs such as the Major Group on Children and Youths.

UN Participation in Data:

11 Spoken Interventions Made (Speeches)

4 UN Events Attended

4 UN Organs Affiliated With

Key Values

Effective Alturism

effective altruism is a movement to utilize data & evidence-based examination of issues in society to find the most critical issues and prioritize issues based on the level & depth of the impact the issue may cause to humanity. Through this philosophy, I believe that education & discrimination is one of the most critical issues, which led to my ventures.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Inclusion and equity is also a crucial value for me, especially in creating a global movement to create change across the world. People are different, with different ideas, mindsets, backgrounds, and life stories.

Small Contributions

I believe that waiting for change to happen is foolish, when one can start creating change. It does not matter if you have no funds, your change might be small, or feels like it is not worth it: what matters is that small contributions lead to changes in the greatest of issues, and one should just jump in and start making every day better then yesterday.

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